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Type County Vendor Category Description Price
VCI Riverside Whispering Oak Stables Horseback Riding WESTERN HORSEBACK RIDING -- 40 EU's for a 60 minute lesson 40.0 Request
VCI Riverside My Learning Studio Tutoring Science WET LABS for Chemistry IB, Biology IB, Physics IB --- 325 EUs for Three Hours a day, for a total of 5 days with 6 days to choose from for semester. 325.0 Request
VCI Riverside Craft & Canvas Studio Art WOOD PALLET WORKSHOP -- 18 EUs for a designing and building a custom wood pallet. 18.0 Request
VCI San Diego Junior Builders Academy, Inc. Woodworking WOODSHOP WIZARDS - 120 EU's per 6 hours of instruction. 6 hours = 1 session 120.0 Request
VCI San Diego Pich Music Studio Amber Pich Music & Voice WOODWIND INSTRUCTION -- 25 EU's for 30 minute lesson 25.0 Request
VCI Riverside Temecula Music Teacher Llc Music & Voice WOODWIND INSTRUMENTS -- 110 EU's per month, 30 minute class, once a week 110.0 Request
VCI Oak Valley Music Academy Music & Voice WOODWINDS--RECORDER, FLUTE, CLARINET, SAXOPHONE -- 30 EU's for EACH 30 MINUTE lesson once a week 30.0 Request
VCI Riverside Home School Cleaning For Kids Home Economics WORKSHOP! Gardening, Crafts, Cooking, Cake Decorating -- 75 EUs for a 3 to 4 hr workshop. Work Shops will be posted and reservations will have to be made 75.0 Request
VCI San Diego Classical Integrated Courses Enrichment Course WRITING CLASS -- 70 EUs per month for one class a week. 70.0 Request
VCI Riverside Holly Dodson Tutoring Reading/Writing WRITING CLASS--125 EU's per session for one hour once a week for up to 8 weeks 125.0 Request
VCI Advanced Writing Resources - Fred Ray Lybrand Jr. EMR - EBooks & Licenses & Downloads & Subscriptions WRITING COURSE SYSTEM--97 EU's 97.0 Request
VCI San Diego Writing Simplified Tutoring Reading/Writing WRITING INTENSIVE DAY CAMP -- 160EUs for four-days of college-prep approaches to rhetoric and writing for age-alike students, transforming students' academic performance. Three hours per day, groups of six-to-ten students. 160.0 Request
VCI Riverside On Stage Production Company Language Arts & Literature WRITING WORKSHOP - (ages 10-12)275 EUs for 15 wk session. Work on writing sentences, paragraphs, brainstorming, story structure, and different genres w/writing prompts. Designed to help students build confidence in writing abilities. Limit 5 students. 275.0 Request
VCI Orange Stagelight Performing Arts Yoga YOGA -- 53 EU's per month for one 45 minute class per week 53.0 Request
VCI Riverside Old Town Artisan Studio, Inc Art YOUTH CERAMICS COURSE - 115 EU's 4 class course, one day a week for 1 1/2 hours. Students must call the studio to register. 115.0 Request
VCI Riverside Desert Recreation District Youth Organizations YOUTH CLASSES -- for classes and prices see catalog or online at 0.0 Request
VCI Riverside Murrieta/Temecula Friday Night Lights PE - Sports & Fitness YOUTH FLAG FOOTBALL - 205 EU's for a season of flag football. Includes once a week practice and game, personalized jersey, pair of game shorts, and a set of flags. 205.0 Request
VCI Riverside Rock Fitness PE - Sports & Fitness YOUTH REC TEAM ---100 EU's for 2 weekly 1-hour coached session with the recreation team, with unlimited access for one month. Limited spots available. 100.0 Request
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